Your e-commerce with
an intelligent integrator

Bahn is essential for your business to operate effectively, quickly and without errors, communicating data between the e-commerce platform and SAP Business One.

What is Bahn?

This system automatically connects SAP Business One to your e-commerce platform, providing details on the orders and sending triggers to other applications.

Bahn identifies the business rules and fields required by the SAP and treats the data before the synchronization. This saves a lot of time and afford with manual adjustments, ensures the fulfillment of tax obligations and allows the management of great volumes of orders and invoices without worries.

How does the system work?

The updates made in your online store, in the marketplaces or in SAP are set and handled by Bahn before they are replicated. This reduces the time between the e-commerce order approval and its release for separation. You will have more control over the stock and monitor the KPIs that are important to your business.

Bahn is totally automated and ready to integrate a large volume of orders, releasing your financial team from manual data treatment activities and quickly approving the orders for dispatch.

Tray Corp

Mistake-proofing automation

Agile data validation


The correct order data integration and validation in your e-commerce is paramount to scale your business operations. Moreover, Bahn allows you to have an integrated view of several processes like order approval, product separation, issuing invoice and expedition.

Reduction in sync errors


Bahn allows you to view sync errors that it made impossible to send the order to SAP Business One and take action to keep your operation running with quality. You will gain agility to issue invoices with your client data and the applicable taxes.

Simplified cash flow


We know how challenging deal with the clients data in the e-commerce can be, that is why Bahn is set to simplify the data download and its integration on SAP One. Bahn facilitates the financial team work, ensuring scalability in a safe and reliable way.

Consistency of cloud-hosted data

Nordware goal is to structure your systems to promote your business growth without complex operations. Designed with TI best practice and made available in the SaaS (software as a service) format, Bahn is ready to integrate your company. Top results, fair maintenance cost, less need for adjustments and making easy to operate with big volumes of orders and invoices. Everything you need to take your online store into the next level.

Bahn operationalizes processes based on cloud-hosted microsservices, designed to handle errors in order processing without the need of manual adjustments. We use a message queue service that allows microservices scalability in applications without a server.