Your ads in the
best marketplaces

With Platz, it’s much easier to manage thousands of ads across different marketplaces in a unified, safe and scalable way.

What is Platz?

Platz connects your e-commerce platform directly to marketplaces, managing your offerings on these channels. You may easily replicate your ads, reducing the time spend recording thousands of products in multiple marketplaces.

The focus of the system is the scalability, since your e-commerce will eliminate the communication gaps and facilitate the synchronization of orders made in different marketplaces, leading to a sustainable growth.

How does Platz work?

Through the mapping of categories and attributes from each marketplace, all ads will be published according to the demands of each store, in a fast and error-free way. Platz has no limit on the ads number and allows the setting of different prices.

You are able to expand your portfolio to thousands of products in a system distributed into microservices, which ensures a better data synchronization. This capability to work with different price tag according to the marketplaces commission and profile, Platz will help you to find your profit margin balance in each channel.


Improve your sales in a clever way

Simplified integration


Platz may be directly integrated with SAP Business One, as well as with the e-commerce platforms as Magento, VTEX, Fbits and Tray. You create the ads for your website and then selects those you want to replicate in each marketplace, specifying price tags, attributes, categories and shipping for each store.

Fast and reliable information


The integration with the marketplaces works through quick, real-time updates. So you can count on greater data synchronization and having more reliable information about the sales volume and the safety stock that should be set for seasonal offers.

Integrated management


With Platz, it is much easier to control your ads and update offers through a customized, fast and safe synchronization. You monitor data from multiple marketplaces in a single dashboard, where you can check it out through graphs your sales and stock, also, you can keep an eye on other reports as well.

Trust in our codes

Platz was built with the TI best practices, what allows us to offer an improved and advanced design technologies to the market. This ensures the fast and safe storage, consultation and data recovery of your business. We use Amazon Web Services, Amazon’s cloud computing services platform, whose technical quality is recognized worldwide.

With a microservices architecture and available in the SaaS (software as a service) format, Platz does not require installations, an specific server or an internal development team available. We solve your ad scalability problem in a quick, efficient and uncomplicated way.