Manage your logistics operation efficiently

Integrate and manage your e-commerce’s supply chain data in real-time, monitoring your sales and maximizing your operation.

What is Roter?

Roter is a WMS (Warehouse Management System) that works with the data processing technology SAP HANA and SQL. You operationalize SAP’s stock module using an automated, unified and fast platform, that allows the data monitoring in real-time.

The system optimizes the storage, picking, checking and shipping of orders, for transactions in both your e-commerce and the marketplaces. Your store will improve the sales more effectively and will be capable to control your orders in an assertive and intelligent way.

How does the system work?

Roter will provide full control over your logistical operation, including the management of your inventories and the warehouse positions, the picking and packing control, the orders conference and the printing of invoices and tags.

Both the logistical and the commercial teams will have real-time data about your sales channels, delivery methods and number of orders, making easier to do the negotiations and the stock control. This is the key to reduce errors related to the separation and lack of items.

Fast and accurate logistic operations

Integration via database


Your stock will be synchronized with main database technologies for SAP Business One, SAP HANA, and SQL. This allows to read and to have access to the information in a quick way and with a high-performance gain, with no need for additional SAP user licenses.

Intuitive and accessible platform


You can operate Roter directly from web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Currently, the system is compatible with any collector that owns Chrome and industrial browsers, and also it is qualified to operate with zebra TC25, Zebra MC33, Chainway C4000, and Chainway C72 collectors.

The ideal WMS for your e-commerce


With Roter, you will be able to automatically issue the documents and shipping labels of the major carriers. Also, it is already prepared to operate automatically with marketplaces such as Mercado Envios and B2W Entrega, being perfect for e-commerces.

High capacity to minimize errors

Using HANA and SQL technology, Roter accesses data directly into memory, enabling you to read structured data quickly and in real-time, minimizing the possibility of errors during operation. It accesses data directly from SAP Business One through the Rest Service Layer API.

With accuracy, visibility, and reliability, the system is capable of making thousands of requests per day, both in collectors and in mobile devices. This technology provides scalability and there is no need to set up local servers in your company, for the application is made available in the SaaS (Software as a Service) format. It is time to Roter up your business.