Simultaneous quotes to display the best shipping options

Sigur centralizes the freight auction, showing the best option to your clients in no time, and making it easy to be tracked.

What is Sigur?

Sigur is a unified freight quotation system that communicates with multiple carriers, presenting the best result in your e-commerce platform or directly in SAP Business One. This ensures the best option of price and shipping time for your customers and a higher conversion rate for your business.

The system is hosted in the cloud, so the information about the products is accessed and delivered quickly, with no need for manual and individual search for each carrier.

How does the system work?

From the products registered in SAP Business One, Sigur connects to the API of the main carriers in the country, showing the best shipping options for your customer in e-commerce or directly in SAP, which facilitates your sales process.

It brings reliable and updated data, and can also be integrated with your logistical management to identify the best packaging. All of this taking into account the inclusion of taxes and other business rules.

Increase your sales by offering the best freight

Shipping auction in various channels


Besides presenting the best freight options in your online store, Sigur allows your customer service team to do the search directly on SAP. This is an important feature when there are changes in the type of product or in the amount of packaging, and you need fast shipping updates.

Shipping tracking


For freights carried on carriers that have a compatible API, it is possible to monitor the success of the delivery and request detailed information. In cases of merchandise loss, Sigur allows your service team to resolve with greater agility.

Easy analysis


Sigur also compare the fair you’ve presented and charged from your customer and the value that you actually have paid for the deliveries. The system identifies seasonal delays and adds a safety margin to the next search for the same region.

The easier way between your product and the clients

To communicate with SAP Business One, the system uses the Service Layer API for both SAP HANA and SQL. Sigur adopts the microservices architecture and has an easy setting and maintenance processes, both in the e-commerce platform integration and in the definition of business regulatory needs.

Sigur is available to operate in the AWS (Amazon Web Services) or Azure cloud, providing better availability and reliability. The system uses the development framework .NET Core and GoLang, cross-platform compatible with AWS Lambda and Redis (the most famous key-value data store nowadays, also by Amazon).