Your emails delivered with more quality and performance

Stampel is a system that enables the mass mailing of transactional emails, without compromise of the domain, without locks and with guarantee of delivery.

What is Stampel?

It is a system that came to solve the problem of e-commerces that need to send thousands of emails daily and face limitations in this delivery. Stampel is robust and ideal for firing emails transactions with a guaranteed delivery.

Have a system that maintains the level of deadlocks or delivery errors in less than 5% is critical to maintaining the quality of your domain, so your sender will not be seen as spam.

How does Stampel work?

The system acts as a filter, performing the validation of customer emails, and when invalid addresses or hard bounce, emails go to a blacklist and will not receive your next messages.

This verification and hygiene of the base reduces the number of failures, ensures that the email arrives in the recipient’s inbox and increases the reliability of the sender.

Optimize the sends of your transactional emails

Big volume of shipments


Stampel solves the bottleneck of send messages to your e-commerce. With it is possible to fire thousands of emails per day, safely and efficiently. It works as a filter and you can track the delivery and blocking performance directly through a dashboard.

Hygienization of emails


The system identifies the recipients of blocked or error emails and automatically includes them in a blacklist, failing to send messages to these contacts. You can manage the list through a dashboard by adding or removing specific addresses.

Safe and reliable delivery


By handling bounces it is possible to ensure that Amazon Web Service will classify emails sent as safe and quality, preserving the reputation of your domain. By keeping the bounce rate below 5%, spam penalties are reduced, allowing the delivery volume to be efficient.

Technology to improve your communication

Stampel has a code structure developed from features of Amazon Simple Email Service. It works as a single gateway for outgoing corporate mail, increasing the availability, scalability and security of shipments. The system identifies the returns of emails (soft and hard bounces) and sends the invalid addresses or with problems for a blacklist, reducing the number of bounces recidivists.

With connection via SMTP and API, emails handled by Stampel are sent to Amazon SES, and the firing of messages is easily configurable from the domain of your e-commerce. Also, with dashboards and simplified reporting, you track the delivery rate, bounces, and main emails sent easily and in real-time.