Our experience will guide your business evolution

Our goal is to simplify the complex online sales journey. With that in mind, we created Nordware, a hub of systems designed especially for e-commerce. It will lead your company towards the next level, both in the online store and in the marketplaces.

We simplify your journey

We know how complex an e-commerce environment is: it is a fast speed universe with growing demands for planning, productivity, data management and delivery. In this path, many entrepreneurs encounter difficulties, since they are faced with logistical operations and technology gaps that get in the way of a sustainable company growth.

That is why we combine strategic and operational perspectives, to make it easier the management of processes, the time saving, the performance improvement, and the scalability of your business.

We take intelligence to your management

Inspired by the best of technology, effectiveness, and e-commerce practice, Nordware provides a systems integration ready to be used in the SaaS (software as a service) format, which makes available software and technological solutions as services. Therefore, your business does not need a development team or a specialized structure to run it.

Our integrations have been designed for SAP Business One, integrated management system for enlarging small and medium companies. What makes it possible and easy to integrate systems and services, increasing your sales in a clever way.

With Nordware solutions, the online business growth becomes possible and accessible. Are you ready for taking your company to the next level?